The company MONTRESOR & C. SRL. was founded in 1958 in Villafranca of Verona and for over 35 years it has planned and manufactured only edge polishing machines for granites, marbles, stones and porcelain.

These systems can process both semflnished products and ensure fast masspolishing of straight and builnose edges, as well as of various profiles.
Costanty brought up-to- date thanks to the application of the modernst technologies,
these machines can be found all over the world and always edge-polisher has been a synonim for Montresor The company has an up-to-date production department, closely connected with the technical office which is provided with state-of-the-art

The accounting department works together with the sales one on the care of the customers and on the coordination of the after-sale service.
An agent network in Italy and in many countries of the world provides service and close contacts between company and customers.

Our production The MONTRESOR edge polishers enable a quick mass production of flat and bullnose edges with different profiles on semimanufactured and slabs.
These machines are continuously modernized by the most up-to-date technology and they are all over the world, where edge polishers has meant
MONTRESOR all the time.

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